Merry Christmas

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As the title says, Merry Christmas and I’ll throw in Happy New Year too.  I apologize for neglecting my blog.  I’ve been busy with other stuff, but after the new year I plan to get back into a habit of weekly posts.  I’m going to set aside a day, maybe Thursday, to post.

I’ve been concentrating on writing and I’ve purposely let it take over my life for the past few weeks.  In January I’m going to let it take it’s proper place again in my life.  Honestly, it was like work for a couple of weeks.  Ick!  Anyway, taking it easy next week, then off to Disneyland with the kids for a week.  I’ll be back online the week of the 8th.  Until then!


I Got a Job…Sort Of


A couple of months back I was contacted by an attorney from my old employer.  They aree being sued over a project I managed while I was there.  No big deal, no one died and I wasn’t named or anything.  They wanted me to fill in some gaps in their understanding of the project and wanted a few hours of my time.  I was leery at first, but after talking it over with some people, I decided to do it.

A couple of days ago, I finally talked with the attorney More

Everybody’s Working on the Weekend


I discovered something this weekend.  I’ve been retired for almost a year and I still find myself observing weekends.  Since I have kids at home, that is partly to blame.  They have weekends and life is a little different on those days.  Namely, they are here and not at school.  Beyond that, I still find myself in that old familiar 5 days on, 2 days off pattern.

The wind is blowing and its cold out.  Well, relatively cold.  It’s funny, in January 40 degrees feels warm.  In May 50 degrees is cold, but that’s another post More

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