A Little Vacation

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You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while.  Well, you’re right.  I guess I’m on a little vacation from the blog.  It’s summer and I’ve been running around doing other stuff.  I should be back soon.   While you’re here, check out some of the older posts.  Thanks for stopping by!

By the way, for updates on my back pain issues check out Fly Fish Nevada.  See you soon!

Technology and Retirement


Last time I talked about staying challenged and mentioned one way that a lot of folks do that.  Writing.  I bet writing is maybe the number one thing that people turn too when looking for a creative outlet.  We all know how to do it, though not all of us well, and it is the most accessible and probably the most expressive way to be creative.  But in the past, writing was something we did for ourselves.  Getting published was a pipe dream at best.  Even if you did get published, it might have been more trouble that it was worth.

Not anymore, however.  I’m published.  See my book over there to the right?  That’s me.  It’s an ebook that I published myself. More

I Am Not A Retirement Guru


I wonder how many folks read this blog and think, I must be some kind of retirement lifestyle expert, or alternatively, a know-it-all blow-hard.  I push a lot of ideas on this site about how to be retired.  Frugality, finding a passion, living without fear, etc.  I’ll be honest, I try to live my life that way and fail miserably about half the time.

I’m not an expert.  I mean, I feel like I was born to retire, but I wasn’t born knowing how to retire More

Retired and Bored


I wrote a post a while back that was nothing more than a response I made in a retirement forum to the question, “How do I keep from being bored?”  It is one of my most read posts, but I’m sure people are disappointed that the post is general in nature rather than full of specific advice.  Boredom in retirement is a big issue and that’s partly what this blog is all about.

I understand the reason people get bored.  They’ve worked for decades and have gotten used to being told what to do all day.  They have neglected their personal lives More

It’s Been a While!


In late November, we got a call from the hospital in Bandon, Ore.  My father in law had been admitted.  As it turns out his dementia had progressed to a point that he was no longer able to live alone and we moved him to an assisted living facility.  Since that call, we have been to Oregon twice trying to get his affairs squared away with more planned in the near future.  Those trips have left me pretty exhausted emotionally and physically (its an 11 hour drive!).  Hence, I just didn’t feel like posting.  I am so thankful this happened after I retired!

The situation has left me with mixed feelings.  More


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Yesterday, June 30, 2010, was my last day at work.  I am not technically retired until July 4th, but I had to take a furlough day for the month of July and took another day of leave so I wouldn’t have to work in July.  I gotta tell you, its still surreal.  I know I never have to go back there, but I don’t really feel that way yet.  I also have this irrational feeling that someone is going to tell me it’s all a big mistake.  Overall, I feel pretty good.  Relaxed, happy and a little hungover.   We went to a bar after work and I had a few beers and shots of scotch.  It was fun though.

Now, I am taking six months to see what I want to do.  Since I have kids in school for the next six years, taking a part-time job seems like a good way to pass some time and make some extra money for traveling and projects.  My wife works part-time from home also, so it might make sense to do a little work also.  Or it may not and focus on projects of my own, some of which may bring in some money.  Either way, I won’t have to work as I have the bills covered and some extra left over.

So while I don’t have to work, we are not really free yet to do everything we would like (RVing, extended travel, etc.) due to the kids and her job.  Still, I have plenty to do.  Lots of household projects, rebuild my Jeep, fishing, golf, begin writing a book, etc.  I am excited to start the next phase of my life.

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