Staying Challenged and Really Enjoying Retirement


Before my trip to Jamaica I wrote about appreciating retirement.  Taking something for granted tends to cause it to become mundane, boring and even loathed.  I doubt retirees are clamoring to get back to work, but life in general may become less than thrilling if you begin to take your retirement for granted.  It’s important to remember the gift you’ve given yourself, why it’s so much better than the alternative and what opportunities you have before you.

One way of keeping retirement exciting and learning to appreciate it over and over again is to remain challenged.  I’ve called it, as have others, reinventing yourself in retirement.  Retirement in these times when people are retiring younger and living longer is no longer just an event.  Retirement is a process, a lifestyle.  It is no longer enough to leave your job, settle into a routine and wait to die.  With twenty, thirty, even forty years in retirement, there is time to do so much more than sit on the porch and complain about the government. More


Reinventing Ourselves in Retirement


No doubt about it, retirement is a big change.  Whether we simply leave our job or completely change our whole lifestyle, it’s an event like no other.  Retirement gives us the freedom most of us haven’t enjoyed since we we’re kids.  We can now do what we want, when we want and how we want.  We are no longer bound by the conventions and expectations of bosses, clients and customers.  Our life is our own again.

A recurring theme among retirees is reinventing one’s self.  I suppose that means something different for everyone More

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