Being Retired: A Day In the Life


This post is in response to a search term I saw that brought someone to this blog.  Specifically, someone searched for “what is it like being retired?”  Nice how they used my blog title, heh?  Anyway, it got me to thinking.  What is it like being retired?  Someone out there is obviously wondering.  I figured I could kind of run through a typical day, just for fun.

Now, I realize that everyone’s retirement is different but from discussing these things with others, a lot of us share some things in common More


Retiring to Something


Its become kind of cliche among those that write about and discuss retirement, “You shouldn’t retire from something, but to something”, or some variation on that theme.  It addresses a common issue among new retirees and those close to retirement.  They are so looking forward to retiring from their job, the stress, the hassle, the commute, whatever, that they forget to plan for their actual retirement.  to have something waiting for them after they leave work.

It’s not that these folks forget to plan, they don’t think they need to plan More

Retirement is a Scam!


Did that catch your attention?  I admit, it is probably a little dramatic.  But its true, at least so far as the retirement industry is concerned.  You know, the financial advisers, retirement planners, and the like.  They are selling you a bill of goods.  Obviously, you will likely need some form of financial planning in order to become financially independent and retire, but to what end?

On television it seems every commercial break is filled with ads for financial services, many aimed at saving for retirement.  Just follow the green line More

Mapping Your Way to Retirement


Now that I am retired, I, like everyone, need to keep busy.  There is nothing wrong with lounging around for a day or two and , in fact, that’s one of the great perks of retirement.  However, you can’t really do that day in and day out forever, especially when you are as young as I am.  You need to plan things to do.  Your mind and body must be challenged to stay healthy.  If not, you will likely become depressed and maybe even begin to think retirement isn’t for you.  God forbid!! More

Three Months to Go

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OK, my first real post.  It better be good.  Well, it’s free so even if it sucks, its all you’re going to get.  Enough irreverent humor.  I spent years planning for my eventual retirement.   I’d love to say the time flew by, but I’d be lying.  Of course, the weekends and vacations did.   I figured that when I got here, less than three months to go, I would be giddy.  I am not. Don’t get me wrong,  I am excited I am also feeling a lot of anxiety.  It is becoming less a ride into the sunset and more a grind to the finish line.

I thought something must be wrong with me More

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