Appreciating Retirement and a Short Hiatus


It is human nature to adapt.  It’s why we are the most successful species on the planet.  Well, that and opposable thumbs.  This penchant for adaptation has its downside, however.  No matter how exciting, thrilling or exhilarating something is today, tomorrow it will be just so-so.  Sex is, I think, the greatest example of all.  Sex is fantastic.  But doing it with the same person for 20 years gets old.  Next thing you know your having an affair or shopping at Adam and Eve to spice things up.  By the way, the latter is the preferred method, though unfortunately not the most popular.

Retirement is the same.  How many years do you spend in your cubicle, or whatever special work place prison your career favors, dreaming of the day you can retire and do whatever it is you want.  Then two years into retirement, you can’t remember why it seemed so great back then.  In fact, it’s kind of boring.  Well, there it is.  Adaptation.  Everything eventually becomes normal and boring. More


Staying Busy


This is the manuscript that's been responsible for keeping me busy of late.

I’m really neglecting this blog lately.  Just been really busy.  High school football, junior high basketball, a golf trip, Mexico last month.  Besides all that I’ve been writing a lot, just not post for my blogs.  I’m making edits on my first book and I’ve been working another project too.  A couple of weeks ago, I spent like 20 hours over the course of two days writing.  My shoulders were sore from hunching over the keyboard.

Now, I’m sure a lot of my working friends that read this are thinking, “Life must be rough,” or something like that.  Some of my retired followers are wondering why I’m not relaxing more.  Honestly, I am enjoying the heck out of writing.  It’s something I wanted to do when I retired, but it took over a year to really feel like a writer. More

Passions: Finding Yours


I, and many others who write about retirement, write about finding a passion.  Having something to live for, something to get you out of bed in the morning, something to hold your interest is important.  Passion is a strong word.  It implies obsession, but a passion is really just a strong interest.  It doesn’t have to be all-consuming.  In fact, it’s probably better if your passion, or passions, don’t completely take over your life.

For instance, I am not the type of person that has a singular focus.  I have many interests More

Retired and Bored


I wrote a post a while back that was nothing more than a response I made in a retirement forum to the question, “How do I keep from being bored?”  It is one of my most read posts, but I’m sure people are disappointed that the post is general in nature rather than full of specific advice.  Boredom in retirement is a big issue and that’s partly what this blog is all about.

I understand the reason people get bored.  They’ve worked for decades and have gotten used to being told what to do all day.  They have neglected their personal lives More

Retirement is a Scam!


Did that catch your attention?  I admit, it is probably a little dramatic.  But its true, at least so far as the retirement industry is concerned.  You know, the financial advisers, retirement planners, and the like.  They are selling you a bill of goods.  Obviously, you will likely need some form of financial planning in order to become financially independent and retire, but to what end?

On television it seems every commercial break is filled with ads for financial services, many aimed at saving for retirement.  Just follow the green line More

How Do You Keep From Getting Bored?

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That is a question asked in a retirement forum recently.  Here is my response:

“I don’t mean to be dismissive, but how can anyone be bored in retirement? Those reasons everyone gives are really just excuses. Don’t have much money? You could spend a lifetime exploring the area within an hour of your house. Physically limited? Exercise your mind, take a class, read, research, write, draw, paint, etc. If your physical limitation is self induced (obesity, out of shape, etc.) make a point to change that. Too old? Bah! Your only as old as you act. There is always something to do even if you are advanced in age. More

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