Bacon is the Question and the Answer is Yes


Mmm, Bacon.

I’ve seen a new study is going around about processed meat (bacon, hotdogs, etc.) and red meat (beef for most of us).  The studies are saying that eating these meats will increase your risk of death by up to 20%.  Read about it here, but I doubt you’ll get the whole story.  I doubt the study tells the whole story and if it does you’d have to read the entire thing because the media are sensationalizing parts of it.  These things are usually aimed at controlling your behavior anyway, not giving you real health advice.  In this case, one of the doctor’s in the study is quoted as saying no amount of processed meat or red meat is good for you.

Really?  None?  One steak a year on the Fourth of July is bad for you?  Food is bad for you?  Please!  Food is good for you and red meat contains essential nutrients.  Should you eat it three times a day every day?  Probably not, but you just know there’s a 97 year old dude that claims his longevity is because of eating bacon everyday.  He’s probably smokes and drinks too. More


Retirement Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness


Life is full of wonder. Retirement is an opportunity to discover all that this world has to offer. This was taken in Myrtle Beach, SC.

I’ve seen some people latelyask questions like, “Is retirement a let down?” on retirement forums.  Strange question considering you are essentially trading a job and a steady paycheck for no job and a steady paycheck.  On the other hand, I suppose if you expect retirement to solve all the problems in your life, it can be a let down.

You’ve probably seen those couples that fight and argue and just don’t seem to be a good fit, but they decide that getting married or having a baby will fix everything.  It won’t, by the way.  Retirement is the same.  If  you’re depressed, in a bad marriage, unhealthy, etc., retirement isn’t going to make that stuff better.  It might even make it worse. More

Independence Day: One Year Later


I have been looking forward to this post for a couple of months.  I’ve, actually been working on it since mid-May.  It’s been a year since I retired from the State of Nevada on July 4th, 2010.  A lot has happened, both good and bad.  I’m a different person in some ways, same ‘ol Dan in many others.  I’ve accomplished some goals, changed or ignored others and added new ones to the list.  Retirement has been everything I expected, yet full of surprises.  This is long post, so grab some coffee, sit back and enjoy! More

Why Retire?


Some of us look forward to retirement seemingly our whole careers.  I admit it, I was born to retire.  I am just not built for working.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t work hard or do my part, just that I never really enjoyed it.  I didn’t like being told what to do, the office politics or trying to “fit the mold” as an old boss used to say.  Maybe I’m lazy, have an attitude problem or possibly just a short attention span (likely all three).

In any case, I didn’t need prompting to retire.  As soon as I could, I did. More

Getting in Shape

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Seems like a lot of recent retirees focus on their health.  No wonder.  Most of us spend decades stretched too thin by careers and raising families to really worry about our health, not to mention the immortality we all feel with youth.  Whether it’s not being able to fit in regular exercise, eating poorly at work or whatever, lots of us are a relative mess when we retire.  Overweight, out of shape and stressed out.

For myself, my personal journey to get healthy started about 10 years ago More

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