Bump in the Road


This has nothing to do with the post, but it’s pretty isn’t it? McLeod Lake above Mammoth Lakes, CA with the Sierra Crest in the background.

My wife had her gall bladder out a couple of weeks ago.  The week before that was spent at urgent care as her symptoms progressed.  As you might expect, my focus has been elsewhere.  She’s recovering and doing well.  Still tired and in some pain, but on the road to a full recovery.  It reminds me how precious not only life is, but the good times in life.  We’ve had a lot of bad times as of late and when things do manage to go smoothly, I try to appreciate it.

I had 10 inches of colon out 5 years ago.  Things went well for a while, but then almost three years ago our washing machine flooded our house.  Not the end of the world, but not exactly good times.  The contractor dragged his feet and we ended up three months later spending Christmas in an unfinished house.  Considering my house was built in 5 months, that seemed a little excessive for flooring and paint. More


Bacon is the Question and the Answer is Yes


Mmm, Bacon.

I’ve seen a new study is going around about processed meat (bacon, hotdogs, etc.) and red meat (beef for most of us).  The studies are saying that eating these meats will increase your risk of death by up to 20%.  Read about it here, but I doubt you’ll get the whole story.  I doubt the study tells the whole story and if it does you’d have to read the entire thing because the media are sensationalizing parts of it.  These things are usually aimed at controlling your behavior anyway, not giving you real health advice.  In this case, one of the doctor’s in the study is quoted as saying no amount of processed meat or red meat is good for you.

Really?  None?  One steak a year on the Fourth of July is bad for you?  Food is bad for you?  Please!  Food is good for you and red meat contains essential nutrients.  Should you eat it three times a day every day?  Probably not, but you just know there’s a 97 year old dude that claims his longevity is because of eating bacon everyday.  He’s probably smokes and drinks too. More

Retirement Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness


Life is full of wonder. Retirement is an opportunity to discover all that this world has to offer. This was taken in Myrtle Beach, SC.

I’ve seen some people latelyask questions like, “Is retirement a let down?” on retirement forums.  Strange question considering you are essentially trading a job and a steady paycheck for no job and a steady paycheck.  On the other hand, I suppose if you expect retirement to solve all the problems in your life, it can be a let down.

You’ve probably seen those couples that fight and argue and just don’t seem to be a good fit, but they decide that getting married or having a baby will fix everything.  It won’t, by the way.  Retirement is the same.  If  you’re depressed, in a bad marriage, unhealthy, etc., retirement isn’t going to make that stuff better.  It might even make it worse. More

What I Learned On Vacation


This isn't Mexico. We didn't like Mexico. This is Jamaica, specifically the dock area of our resort back in 2010.

Just got back from Cancun, Mexico.  Went to a resort with some friends we’ve met over the years on our trips to Jamaica.  We had a good time, but we weren’t impressed with the resort or Cancun.  The chicken wings were easily the best food at the resort, but the enchiladas sucked.  In fact, they had hardly any Mexican food at all.  Who would’ve guessed?

We found Cancun to be similar to Jamaica.  Lots of really nice resorts surrounded by some real rundown, dilapidated areas.  The roads were nicer in Cancun.  However, we much prefer Jamaica. More

Black Sundays


I’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of people viewing my blog on Sundays.  Maybe it’s a good day to surf the net.  Could it just be fluke?  Maybe, but I wonder how many folks start searching the internet for retirement information on Sunday as they begin to dread Monday morning?

I know, I used to dread Mondays.  I’d even start getting the dreads on Saturday evening or afternoon, dreading the dreads I’d get on Sunday.  Another week of work!  I’d start wondering More

The Art of Being Frugal


I get a lot of folks searching for “frugal” in one form or another on this blog.  I wrote a post a while back entitled “Frugal Retirement: Living a Rich Life“.  The post was about the importance of being frugal, but not necessarily about how to be frugal.  Being frugal isn’t rocket science, but for some, especially those that live the typical American lifestyle of unrestrained consumption, it can be tough.

I should know.  That person used to be, and in many ways still is, me.  I didn’t know what frugal was until about 6 months before I retired.  My inspiration was the book “Your Money or Your Life”. More

Epicurus – The Key to a Happy Retirement?


Epicurus, an philosopher of ancient Greece, wrote a much about how to achieve true happiness.  Many of his thoughts on the subject are still applicable today.  In fact, they are almost prophetic.  This three part video will give you a little insight into his teachings and lifestyle.  They may also, in part, show us how to achieve a happy retirement no matter our financial situation.  Enjoy!


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