Moving On!

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IMG_4117I’m moving on.  I’ve had a good time blogging about retirement over the last few years.  I like to think I’ve helped a few people making the decision to retire and offered some good advice, even if I don’t always follow it myself.  As I’ve said, retirement isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.  I’ve transitioned completely into a comfortable groove and I was running out of sage advice.  So, I’m no longer going to update this blog.  I will however be consolidating all my blogging activity on my main blog, Fly Fish Nevada.

This blog will remain up until WordPress pries it from my cold, dead ha…OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic but you get the idea.  I will likely begin a blog to detail our transition from a stick house to an RV but that’s a few years off.  In the meantime, I will be blogging over at Fly Fish Nevada.   Not just about fishing either.  I’ll probably throw out the occasional retirement post, posts about life in general, whatever.  I hope you join me over there.  If you’ve found this blog for the first time, feel free to browse and read what’s here.  It’s still applicable.

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Back and Ready to Blog!

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What a summer!  Not what I expected, but still fun.  My wife had her gall bladder out.  My back continues to hurt and I’m seeing  surgeon tomorrow.  On the good side, I published a couple of books, one is there to the right, we took the kids on a nice trip to Monterey, CA and we had a nice garden.  It was a lazy summer, mainly because my back hurts (really it’s my leg due to a herniated disk) and my wife’s liver is still healing and hurt.  We didn’t even set up the pool.

I had hoped to be inspired to take the blog in a new direction, but I wasn’t.  I’m not sure what to do.  I’ve sort of run out of retirement advice and I’m still in this finish raising the kids do we can really retire mode.  That doesn’t’ mean I’m not enjoying my retirement.  I suppose it will be like this.  Sometimes health issues and circumstances will slow you down.  Other times you’ll be going full bore.  While taking care of my father in laws estate, my wife and I were fond of saying, “It is what it is.”

After tomorrow, I should have an update on my other blog about my back (click the banner to the right or click here).  I hope to have surgery sooner rather than later and get back out there and doing things.  I don’t mind sitting here writing, but I’d love to get back on the water fishing, out playing with my cameras and generally being active again.  I’m going to have to do some serious thinking on where to take the blog.  If you have any ideas, let me know.

Staying Busy


This is the manuscript that's been responsible for keeping me busy of late.

I’m really neglecting this blog lately.  Just been really busy.  High school football, junior high basketball, a golf trip, Mexico last month.  Besides all that I’ve been writing a lot, just not post for my blogs.  I’m making edits on my first book and I’ve been working another project too.  A couple of weeks ago, I spent like 20 hours over the course of two days writing.  My shoulders were sore from hunching over the keyboard.

Now, I’m sure a lot of my working friends that read this are thinking, “Life must be rough,” or something like that.  Some of my retired followers are wondering why I’m not relaxing more.  Honestly, I am enjoying the heck out of writing.  It’s something I wanted to do when I retired, but it took over a year to really feel like a writer. More

Being Retired: A Day In the Life


This post is in response to a search term I saw that brought someone to this blog.  Specifically, someone searched for “what is it like being retired?”  Nice how they used my blog title, heh?  Anyway, it got me to thinking.  What is it like being retired?  Someone out there is obviously wondering.  I figured I could kind of run through a typical day, just for fun.

Now, I realize that everyone’s retirement is different but from discussing these things with others, a lot of us share some things in common More

One Month Retired

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So as not to cause extra work for myself, here is a post from the Early Retirement forums.  It was written about a week ago, but I was on a trip.  I am retired, you know!  I will shut up and let you read:

A couple of people asked me to give a little update on my ER when I posted that I had ER’d a month ago. I also like reading about other peoples experiences, so here goes. More


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Yesterday, June 30, 2010, was my last day at work.  I am not technically retired until July 4th, but I had to take a furlough day for the month of July and took another day of leave so I wouldn’t have to work in July.  I gotta tell you, its still surreal.  I know I never have to go back there, but I don’t really feel that way yet.  I also have this irrational feeling that someone is going to tell me it’s all a big mistake.  Overall, I feel pretty good.  Relaxed, happy and a little hungover.   We went to a bar after work and I had a few beers and shots of scotch.  It was fun though.

Now, I am taking six months to see what I want to do.  Since I have kids in school for the next six years, taking a part-time job seems like a good way to pass some time and make some extra money for traveling and projects.  My wife works part-time from home also, so it might make sense to do a little work also.  Or it may not and focus on projects of my own, some of which may bring in some money.  Either way, I won’t have to work as I have the bills covered and some extra left over.

So while I don’t have to work, we are not really free yet to do everything we would like (RVing, extended travel, etc.) due to the kids and her job.  Still, I have plenty to do.  Lots of household projects, rebuild my Jeep, fishing, golf, begin writing a book, etc.  I am excited to start the next phase of my life.

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