Moving on Without Going under the Knife


Enjoying Disneyland with Jen. No we didn’t just get off Splash Mountain, it was raining.

As I detailed last time, I have decided to forgo surgery on my back.  I wanted to wait to do some physical therapy before posting again.  I also planned a trip to Disneyland since I wasn’t having surgery and wanted to contrast that trip with the one I took last year.  It was a memorable experience and I could easily compare the trips to see if things have improved or not.

Physical therapy first.  I’m doing water therapy, basically exercises done in a warm pool to strengthen my back and abdominal muscles.  The water helps stabilize your body and lessen the impact.  I’m doing well and I can tell it’s working because it leaves me tired and sore, but only for a few hours.  Mostly it’s stretches and basic core building exercises. More


Taking Stock


I'm going to Disneyland! Yes, yes, that's California Adventure, but you get the idea!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  This is up today, New Year’s, because I will be in Disneyland the first week of the year.  After I get back I will be posting weekly, most weeks anyway.  Maybe more often now and then.

This post is about taking stock.  It’s something we should all do once in a while.  You might call it something different and it may take different forms, but essentially its just an assessment of your life.  Where you’re going, where you’ve been and what you’ve come to enjoy and what you no longer do.  Think of it as a kind of spring cleaning. More

Merry Christmas

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As the title says, Merry Christmas and I’ll throw in Happy New Year too.  I apologize for neglecting my blog.  I’ve been busy with other stuff, but after the new year I plan to get back into a habit of weekly posts.  I’m going to set aside a day, maybe Thursday, to post.

I’ve been concentrating on writing and I’ve purposely let it take over my life for the past few weeks.  In January I’m going to let it take it’s proper place again in my life.  Honestly, it was like work for a couple of weeks.  Ick!  Anyway, taking it easy next week, then off to Disneyland with the kids for a week.  I’ll be back online the week of the 8th.  Until then!

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