Taking Stock


I'm going to Disneyland! Yes, yes, that's California Adventure, but you get the idea!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  This is up today, New Year’s, because I will be in Disneyland the first week of the year.  After I get back I will be posting weekly, most weeks anyway.  Maybe more often now and then.

This post is about taking stock.  It’s something we should all do once in a while.  You might call it something different and it may take different forms, but essentially its just an assessment of your life.  Where you’re going, where you’ve been and what you’ve come to enjoy and what you no longer do.  Think of it as a kind of spring cleaning. More


LBYM: Boom and Bust


I’ve written a few posts on LBYM (living below your means) over the last few months.  We’re trying to become more frugal, examine our spending, budget, etc.  This is new to us.  We used to be free spenders, had lots of debt (not like some people, but new cars, house, RV etc.) and never managed to save much money beyond what I contributed to my pension and employer sponsored deferred compensation plan.  We have made and will continue to make errors in judgement.  Breaking old habits is hard.

Recently, we had a really good month.  We kept our spending very low without really sacrificing.  We ate well, spent a little money on fun stuff and actually put a significant amount of money in savings More

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