Retired, Bored and Broke? Try this!


I took this photo with a camera I already owned. Learning to do it was free and stargazing is also free. This picture is like three kinds of free.

A few months back I wrote a post entitled Retired and Bored? Try This!  People loved it!  Well, I loved it, anyway.  I’ve noticed some Google searches for things to do in retirement but for those with little money in my stats.  The list in the post above had some pretty expensive things on it, but it had a few cheap and free items too.  This list, however, is all free stuff.

Don’t think there’s a lot to do that’s free?  Well, you’re not looking hard enough.  This list doesn’t include the obvious, like taking a walk or breathing.  These are genuinely fun and interesting stuff that usually won’t cost you a dime.  One caveat, however, transportation and food will cost you money, but I can’t help that.  So, retired, bored and broke?  Read on: More


Retired and Bored? Try This!

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Why be bored in retirement when you can do something exciting like this!

I get at least one search hit looking for information on boredom in retirement every day!  Sometimes a lot more.  I’ve written about the subject multiple times (here, here and here.)  So, its time to take a different approach.  Obviously, all this advice about finding passions and trying new things just isn’t hitting home.

So, I’ve decided to suggest a few ideas.  If these things don’t banish your boredom, you better check your pulse.  Since being frugal is also a hot topic ’round these parts, I’ve tried to include a few free or inexpensive ideas.  I have done a few of these and want to do all of them one way or another.  Enjoy! More

Retired and Bored


I wrote a post a while back that was nothing more than a response I made in a retirement forum to the question, “How do I keep from being bored?”  It is one of my most read posts, but I’m sure people are disappointed that the post is general in nature rather than full of specific advice.  Boredom in retirement is a big issue and that’s partly what this blog is all about.

I understand the reason people get bored.  They’ve worked for decades and have gotten used to being told what to do all day.  They have neglected their personal lives More

How Do You Keep From Getting Bored?

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That is a question asked in a retirement forum recently.  Here is my response:

“I don’t mean to be dismissive, but how can anyone be bored in retirement? Those reasons everyone gives are really just excuses. Don’t have much money? You could spend a lifetime exploring the area within an hour of your house. Physically limited? Exercise your mind, take a class, read, research, write, draw, paint, etc. If your physical limitation is self induced (obesity, out of shape, etc.) make a point to change that. Too old? Bah! Your only as old as you act. There is always something to do even if you are advanced in age. More

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