Moving On!

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IMG_4117I’m moving on.  I’ve had a good time blogging about retirement over the last few years.  I like to think I’ve helped a few people making the decision to retire and offered some good advice, even if I don’t always follow it myself.  As I’ve said, retirement isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.  I’ve transitioned completely into a comfortable groove and I was running out of sage advice.  So, I’m no longer going to update this blog.  I will however be consolidating all my blogging activity on my main blog, Fly Fish Nevada.

This blog will remain up until WordPress pries it from my cold, dead ha…OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic but you get the idea.  I will likely begin a blog to detail our transition from a stick house to an RV but that’s a few years off.  In the meantime, I will be blogging over at Fly Fish Nevada.   Not just about fishing either.  I’ll probably throw out the occasional retirement post, posts about life in general, whatever.  I hope you join me over there.  If you’ve found this blog for the first time, feel free to browse and read what’s here.  It’s still applicable.

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Less is More


I found this little video over at  A little extreme when it comes to downsizing, but that’s not the point.  It shows what you can do if you want, but the same ideas can help you downsize no matter your goals.  Then again, maybe it’s not extreme.  I plan on moving from my 2400 square foot home with the three car garage into an RV in 5 years or so.

This one was suggested as a follow up to the video above.  It’s about slowing down and how beneficial that can be.  From work to eating to sex and even slowing down our kids lives.  Good stuff!

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