Technology and Retirement


Last time I talked about staying challenged and mentioned one way that a lot of folks do that.  Writing.  I bet writing is maybe the number one thing that people turn too when looking for a creative outlet.  We all know how to do it, though not all of us well, and it is the most accessible and probably the most expressive way to be creative.  But in the past, writing was something we did for ourselves.  Getting published was a pipe dream at best.  Even if you did get published, it might have been more trouble that it was worth.

Not anymore, however.  I’m published.  See my book over there to the right?  That’s me.  It’s an ebook that I published myself. More


Staying Challenged and Really Enjoying Retirement


Before my trip to Jamaica I wrote about appreciating retirement.  Taking something for granted tends to cause it to become mundane, boring and even loathed.  I doubt retirees are clamoring to get back to work, but life in general may become less than thrilling if you begin to take your retirement for granted.  It’s important to remember the gift you’ve given yourself, why it’s so much better than the alternative and what opportunities you have before you.

One way of keeping retirement exciting and learning to appreciate it over and over again is to remain challenged.  I’ve called it, as have others, reinventing yourself in retirement.  Retirement in these times when people are retiring younger and living longer is no longer just an event.  Retirement is a process, a lifestyle.  It is no longer enough to leave your job, settle into a routine and wait to die.  With twenty, thirty, even forty years in retirement, there is time to do so much more than sit on the porch and complain about the government. More

Appreciating Retirement and a Short Hiatus


It is human nature to adapt.  It’s why we are the most successful species on the planet.  Well, that and opposable thumbs.  This penchant for adaptation has its downside, however.  No matter how exciting, thrilling or exhilarating something is today, tomorrow it will be just so-so.  Sex is, I think, the greatest example of all.  Sex is fantastic.  But doing it with the same person for 20 years gets old.  Next thing you know your having an affair or shopping at Adam and Eve to spice things up.  By the way, the latter is the preferred method, though unfortunately not the most popular.

Retirement is the same.  How many years do you spend in your cubicle, or whatever special work place prison your career favors, dreaming of the day you can retire and do whatever it is you want.  Then two years into retirement, you can’t remember why it seemed so great back then.  In fact, it’s kind of boring.  Well, there it is.  Adaptation.  Everything eventually becomes normal and boring. More

Retired, Bored and Broke? Try this!


I took this photo with a camera I already owned. Learning to do it was free and stargazing is also free. This picture is like three kinds of free.

A few months back I wrote a post entitled Retired and Bored? Try This!  People loved it!  Well, I loved it, anyway.  I’ve noticed some Google searches for things to do in retirement but for those with little money in my stats.  The list in the post above had some pretty expensive things on it, but it had a few cheap and free items too.  This list, however, is all free stuff.

Don’t think there’s a lot to do that’s free?  Well, you’re not looking hard enough.  This list doesn’t include the obvious, like taking a walk or breathing.  These are genuinely fun and interesting stuff that usually won’t cost you a dime.  One caveat, however, transportation and food will cost you money, but I can’t help that.  So, retired, bored and broke?  Read on: More

Slow and Easy Retirement

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Face Rock

Face Rock in Bandon Oregon

I’ve read a couple of things over the last few weeks about retirement being a disappointment.  I guess I can see that.  You were a big shot at your job and now you just aren’t making a difference anymore.  Stuff like that.  I think another reason is that they just got off the roller coaster and have a little adrenaline deficiency.

I know what I was working, Fridays were awesome!  End of the week and two whole days to myself.  But by Sunday morning, I was already dreading work and Mondays were horrible.  The emotional roller coaster.  Holidays brought more euphoria, followed by even greater dread.  Vacations were the same way.

Highs and lows constantly.  Great excitement one day, depression the next.  I worked a four 10-hour day schedule for a while and I noticed that the peaks and valleys flattened a little.  Mondays weren’t so bad with only four days of work ahead of me.  Weekends were still exciting, but without the pressure.  I had three days off to enjoy myself. More

Less is More


I found this little video over at  A little extreme when it comes to downsizing, but that’s not the point.  It shows what you can do if you want, but the same ideas can help you downsize no matter your goals.  Then again, maybe it’s not extreme.  I plan on moving from my 2400 square foot home with the three car garage into an RV in 5 years or so.

This one was suggested as a follow up to the video above.  It’s about slowing down and how beneficial that can be.  From work to eating to sex and even slowing down our kids lives.  Good stuff!

Living in the Country


The view from our front porch. It will be hard to give that up one day.

Ten years ago we moved our family out to the country.  We used to live in Carson City, Nevada, not exactly a sprawling metropolis, but we wanted to get out of our cramped subdivision and live a simpler life.  We bought five acres in Smith Valley, Nevada a few years earlier and we finally were ready to build out dream home.  I designed the house, I was an engineer after all, and it had everything we thought wanted.

Now, a decade later my wife and I can’t wait to move away.  Don’t get me wrong, we love the area and our house, but living way out in the sticks has its disadvantages.  So why am I airing our dirty laundry on a retirement blog?  Because, it seems a lot of people dream of leaving the big city for a small town or some acreage out in the country.  If that’s your thing, good for you, but the grass isn’t always greener. More

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