This has nothing to do with the post, but it’s pretty isn’t it? McLeod Lake above Mammoth Lakes, CA with the Sierra Crest in the background.

My wife had her gall bladder out a couple of weeks ago.  The week before that was spent at urgent care as her symptoms progressed.  As you might expect, my focus has been elsewhere.  She’s recovering and doing well.  Still tired and in some pain, but on the road to a full recovery.  It reminds me how precious not only life is, but the good times in life.  We’ve had a lot of bad times as of late and when things do manage to go smoothly, I try to appreciate it.

I had 10 inches of colon out 5 years ago.  Things went well for a while, but then almost three years ago our washing machine flooded our house.  Not the end of the world, but not exactly good times.  The contractor dragged his feet and we ended up three months later spending Christmas in an unfinished house.  Considering my house was built in 5 months, that seemed a little excessive for flooring and paint.

A year and a half ago, my father in law took ill and died.  Again, over Christmas.  We just finished probate.  This last Christmas, we thought we’d finally have a nice holiday, but a few members of my family decided my wife and I along with our two boys spending Christmas Day at home instead of driving an hour to their house was the end of all things.  They treated us rather shabbily, calling us names and my nephew threatening to fight me.  Yes, they have issues.  It really hurt us, not to mention how some other family members, not all, seemed to dismiss, if not support, the behavior.  We ended up not seeing any of my family during the holidays so we could avoid the two offending members of my family and save everyone from some kind of scene.

Now, just as things were getting back to normal, my wife starts feeling bad, pain in her lower back that moved to her lower abdomen and then to her upper right abdomen.  A few tests later, she’s being scheduled for a hurried (not emergency) surgery.  Thankfully, the gall bladder is a useless organ.  A leftover from the caveman days.  We just don’t eat that much fat in one sitting to need an organ to store bile.  So, her prognosis is excellent and even now, she’s suffering no dietary or lifestyle complications other than surgery itself.

So, I say all this to depress you, right?  No, I won’t claim that we don’t ever get that “Why Me?” feeling, but we both try hard to focus on the positive and the good times.  Most days are good even with the complications, the bumps in the road.  We are alive, generally happy and we have each other and our boys.  Even now, the stories from two and three years ago, the flood and our many trips to Oregon to move my father in law into an assisted living facility, then plan and attend his funeral and dispose of his estate can bring laughs.  Like how my truck needed new u-joints and the shop it was at had to loan us this truck to get to the funeral.  It’s kind of funny now.

It seems the bad times fade into good times somehow if you let them.  You end up laughing at what seemed like the end of the world at the time. We are an adaptive species, aren’t we?  I don’t think there are bumps in the road.  The road is built over bumpy ground and there are occasional flat spots.  However, you can learn to enjoy the bumps, not all of them of course, but some of them.  Such is life.  Today is a good day and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?  Reliving the past or dreading the future get you nowhere.  Enjoying the here and now, the people who you love and that love you and just being happy through it all, are all you really have.  Enjoy it while it’s here.

By the way, I had planned a post about lifestyles in retirement but the muse has yet to visit.  I may or may not continue along those lines of blogging.  We’ll see.  What do you want for free?  😉