The teenagers that allow me to live in their house. At least that's how it feels sometimes ;D

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am retired, but I have teenagers at home.  I ever write a post about it a while back, “Retired with Children: an Oxymoron”.  It’s not the same.  I have a lot more freedom and a lot more free time, but I am still subjected to schedules and demands being a dad that most retirees are not.  I’m not complaining, just making a point.

But two weeks a year I get a little taste of real retirement.  One is in the summer when my wife and the boys head up to 4H camp at Lake Tahoe.  That is more bachelor for a week, however, instead of retirement for a week.  It’s still fun.  I eat well, sleep in late, play the video games and watch movies.  It is grand, even if I do have to take care of the kid’s chores myself.

This week, however, it is only my kids that leave.  They are headed to Pismo Beach with my mom for nine glorious days over spring break.  Woohoo!  Although my wife has to work (part-time from home), she has the freedom to do what she wants.  The weather is also supposed to be less than ideal.  Spring in Nevada is a lot like winter in the rest of the country.  Even so, we can sleep in, eat well, and have the house, the blissfully quiet house, all to ourselves.  If you cant’ tell, I am excited.

One of the best parts is we can eat better.  I don’t have to buy in bulk to satisfy the appetites of two teenage boys.  We can buy and eat quality food.  Not that we don’t eat well normally, but it’s just not the same.  We can buy more fresh veggies and fruit, higher quality snacks, stuff we just can’t afford every day when feeding he boys.  Not to mention we will likely go out a few times for dinner or lunch.

The other benefit is the alone time.  You know what I mean.  ‘Nuff said!  Beyond that, having free access to the TV, or freedom from it, will be nice as will enjoying all the internet bandwidth I pay for instead of experiencing dial up speeds as my sons watch movies on Netflix.  No baseball games in the snow this week.  No asking for money or begging to go out and drive or complaining there isn’t any food in the house.  We love out kids, but sharing the house with them is becoming…well let’s just say that I can’t understand how people let their adult children continue to live at home.  I think the teenage years are designed to make parents kick the kids out.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a quiet week and a little taste of our future retirement.  I’ve said before that raising teenagers retired is better than raising them while working.  On the other hand, being retired is surely better without kids around than with.  Still, we are enjoying them while we have them around.  I’m sure when they are out on their own we will miss them.  But this week…well we will still miss them but only a little.

My promised post on staying challenged will appear next week.