This is the manuscript that's been responsible for keeping me busy of late.

I’m really neglecting this blog lately.  Just been really busy.  High school football, junior high basketball, a golf trip, Mexico last month.  Besides all that I’ve been writing a lot, just not post for my blogs.  I’m making edits on my first book and I’ve been working another project too.  A couple of weeks ago, I spent like 20 hours over the course of two days writing.  My shoulders were sore from hunching over the keyboard.

Now, I’m sure a lot of my working friends that read this are thinking, “Life must be rough,” or something like that.  Some of my retired followers are wondering why I’m not relaxing more.  Honestly, I am enjoying the heck out of writing.  It’s something I wanted to do when I retired, but it took over a year to really feel like a writer.

I don’t look at it as a job (and technically it’s not because I’m not making money…yet).  I do it because I love it and it brings me pleasure.  If I make money, great but that’s not the point.  I found something I’m passionate about and I’m doing it.  Isn’t that what retirement is all about?

A nice Pyramid Lake cutthroat trout I caught last January.

One things I’ve learned is that you can’t do everything.  I’d love to fish more often, maybe golf now and then, engage in some other hobbies, but there are only so many hours in the day.  Life is about choices and that’s true even in retirement.  I making the choice to write my butt off right now.  I’m sure this will wane and I’ll haul out my camera and shoot some time lapse, take my telescope out and work on my Messier list or plan a fishing trip, but for now I like what I’m doing.

What I’m finding is it’s not as hard to stay busy when you’re retired as some people say.  I know some people are so focused on their career they neglect their personal life, but it’s not all that hard to find stuff that is interesting to do.  I saw a time lapse video and decided I wanted to do that.  I’ve always wanted a telescope to do a little amateur stargazing, so I bought one.

Just a random picture of me and my beautiful wife.

Just takes a little imagination and maybe a little time to just rediscover yourself, the real you.  It seems I have a new exciting idea every week.  Somewhere to travel, something to learn or a new activity.  I’ve written a few posts about finding stuff to do, but really its a personal quest.  You need figure out what you like to do, not just do what some blogger says you should do.

I’ve begun to learn that being myself is the easiest way to find stuff to do.  If I’m trying to please others or meet their expectations, I end up not enjoying what I do.  I spent my whole career being someone I didn’t want to be.  I’m through with that.  I’m going to be the person I want to be.  I wish I, and lots of other I know, would have learned that lesson a long time ago.

Stay busy, my friends.