Why be bored in retirement when you can do something exciting like this!

I get at least one search hit looking for information on boredom in retirement every day!  Sometimes a lot more.  I’ve written about the subject multiple times (here, here and here.)  So, its time to take a different approach.  Obviously, all this advice about finding passions and trying new things just isn’t hitting home.

So, I’ve decided to suggest a few ideas.  If these things don’t banish your boredom, you better check your pulse.  Since being frugal is also a hot topic ’round these parts, I’ve tried to include a few free or inexpensive ideas.  I have done a few of these and want to do all of them one way or another.  Enjoy!

  • Air Combat USA – Ever wanted to be a fighter pilot?  Well, this is your chance.  Real planes, flying up in the real air, dog fighting.  Really!  No experience needed.  Kick ass!  They train you and then let you go up against another client and shoot it out.  Of course, an experienced pilot is along for the ride to keep things safe.  This is on my bucket list.
  • Burning Man – I picked this one since it’s only a hundred miles from my house, but you could also choose, Mardi Gras, a trip to Hedonism in Jamaica, or one of the many Exotic Erotic Ball clones (The real one went out of business in 2010 😦 ).  Each event place or event has its limits, but not many.  Go ahead, let out your inner party animal.
  • Take a Road Trip – No reservations, no particular place to go, no schedule.  Just get in your car and  hit the open road.  Stop at all the roadside stand, tourist traps and godawful diners you can find.  Stay in those little, kitschy motor lodges.  Route 66 is popular, but many other old highways offer a great time on a small budget.  There’s 11 in the book Road Trip USA.  This one’s also on my bucket list.
  • Medieval Festivals – These things seem to have popped up everywhere.  You know, the places where everyone is dressed as a knight, a damsel in distress or a jester.  Of course, you have to dress up and talk in Olde English.  alternatively, you could attend a sci-fi/fantasy convention or maybe the Scottish games.  Again, you have to dress up and participate or it’s not worthy of this list.  I prefer the Scottish games.  Gives me a chance to wear my kilt!
  • Ghost Adventure – Just like the hit TV show, go out ghost hunting.  I live about an hour from Virginia City where they’ve done several shows.  You probably have some haunted house or creepy cemetery near you.  Take out a digital recorder and a video camera and hang out for a while, call to the spirits and see if they respond.  Even if you don’t believe in this stuff, it’s not hard to scare yourself senseless after dark in one of these places!
  • Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp – Spend a few days practicing and jamming with real rock stars and end by performing on stage in front of live audience.  You don’t need to play an instrument to attend either.  This is just one of many “fantasy camp” experiences.  Lot’s of pro sports related camps and around where I live a lot of ranches let you live out your cowboy dreams for a price.  A quick search of the internet will reveal many, many more opportunities to live you’re particular dream.
  • Gold Mining – This can be as easy or as complicated as you want.  Just grabbing a gold pan and heading to nearby stream can be fun, but some relatively inexpensive requirement can make your gold mining more productive.  You probably won’t get rich, but the possibility is there.  If that’s not your thing, try digging forfossils, arrowheads, gems, or old relics.
  • Rent Something – Retirees can’t afford or just don’ t want to buy and maintain all the cool recreational stuff that’s offered nowadays, but we can rent it.  Motorcycles, RV’s, kayaks, exotic cars, scooters, boats, you name it, and you can probably rent it.  Too many links to post.  Just figure out what you want to do and Google it.
  • Geocaching – A vehicle, a GPS and sense of adventure is all you need to start geocaching.  Finding the cache hidden by another geocacher is only half the fun.  Many of these are located in places with great views, historical significance or that require a little effort to get to.  Some require a little sleuthing to find.  Once you’ve found a few caches, you can even build and place your own.
  • Warrior Dash – Train for and run the Warrior Dash or one of the similar events out there, like the much harder Tough Mudder.  Crazy obstacles, fire, mud and more.  You’ll get dirty and test your physical fitness, but most of these are pure fun.  The Warrior Dash even offers participants one free beer upon completion.  Not only are these fun, but you might even get into shape.

There are so many other fun, exciting things you can do.  There is absolutely no reason to be bored when you are retired.  You can find fun things to do no matter what you’re budget or state of health.  All it takes is a little imagination and motivation.  The best thing about the ideas on the list above is they’ll get you out of you’re comfort zone.  That’s the key to avoiding boredom.  Find something that stimulates your mind and body.  Anything that is challenging, educational or even a little scary will help you avoid boredom.

Of course, please take all the necessary precautions, observe all laws and regulations and respect private property.  All of these ideas are safe and legal if you use a little common sense.  A little research, reading and even formal training goes a long way to keeping your adventure safe and fun.   There, you’ve been warned.  Get off the couch and go have fun.