A couple of months back I was contacted by an attorney from my old employer.  They aree being sued over a project I managed while I was there.  No big deal, no one died and I wasn’t named or anything.  They wanted me to fill in some gaps in their understanding of the project and wanted a few hours of my time.  I was leery at first, but after talking it over with some people, I decided to do it.

A couple of days ago, I finally talked with the attorney.  We spoke for about six hours.  It was easy and relaxed and they were very grateful for the information and understanding of some issues I was able to give them.  I wasn’t exactly enjoyable, but it wasn’t bad either.   I have nothing against my former employer so I was glad I could help.  The exorbitant sum I requested and was paid didn’t hurt either.

Still, it was a little too much like my old job.  I got up early, drove 90 minutes to the attorney’s office, “worked” for six hours discussing an old project and then drove 90 minutes home.  The current project manager was there too and we spent sometime complaining about the office and the job.  I had a revelation on the way home.

My job sucked!  I used to do something similar to that 5 days a week.  I suppose there are worse jobs, but damn I’m glad to be retired.  I recalled what it was like first hand and I didn’t like it.  The saving grace was I knew that this was the one and only day I had to do this.  Thank God!

Commuting, sitting in a stuffy conference room, eating a sandwich, small bag of chips and drinking a can of soda from the local deli while we continued to work.  Ug!  Not my idea of fun.  That’s the problem with working for a living, you have to work.  It just ain’t worth it if you have an option.

I’ve thought about getting a part-time job and still might to fund some travel or whatever.  Probably something interesting or with a perk.  Maybe work part-time in a fly shop, sell a few items, talk about fishing, drink coffee, etc.  Maybe work at a golf course for the free rounds of golf.  Other than that, I don’t need money that bad.  I’d rather subsist on half of my pension than go back to the rat race.

Anyway, I survived and have a little money to spend on my Jeep and maybe buy a new fly rod since my favorite rod broke last week.  I wanted to retire when I was working, but now “working” for just one day after 13 months of retirement makes me remember why.