I’ve alluded to our long-term retirement plans in a few posts, but never really in any detail.  Anyone who reads this blog regularly (thank you, by the way) knows I am fairly young, 44, and have two teenage boys at home.  It will be at least 5 years before they are out of high school.  They know we expect them to leave the nest at that point, and for good reason.  We don’t plan to have a nest.

Maybe something like this one. Maybe not.

Jen and I plan to sell the house and live the RV lifestyle for a while.  We don’t know how long but at least for as long as we enjoy it.  Could be a couple of years, a decade or forever.  Who knows?  We’d sell the house and hit the road tomorrow if it weren’t for the kids.  We’re sick and tired of the big mortgage, the maintenance and the ever-growing list of repairs.  But for now, we’re here.

One of the big reasons full-time RVing appeals to us is the simplicity.  Now, were not fooling ourselves.  We know that an RV needs maintenance and repairs, but the scale is reduced.  As for cost, an RV is a few steps down the ladder from our 2400 sqft house on 5 acres.  It’s not only about saving money, but we expect to be able to live on less that we do now, not including the major pay raise we’ll see when the locusts…I mean boys move out.

There is another factor that compels us to live on the road.  We want to be on the road!  We both want to travel and see the good ol’ USA.  We figure why pay for a  stick-built house and all the stuff that goes with it (repair bills, utilities, taxes, etc.) when we’re going to be traveling fairly often anyway.  Not to mention hotel rooms, airfare and dining out ain’t cheap!  In fact, that lifestyle might be beyond our means.

We figure, why not just cut out the middle man, so to speak, and combine our home and transportation into one unit.  We can go where we want, stay as long as we want, cook our own food and carry our important possessions with us.  It won’t be a vacation, it will be a lifestyle.  We’ll be seeing the country like we want, but without watching our savings dwindle.  Heck, it might even grow!

Even when we travel internationally we can save money.  We go to Jamaica every year with friends we’ve met there over the years.  It costs a lot of money to fly there from Nevada.  In an RV we can just wander down to Florida that time of year and catch a cheap flight from there.  Even better, we can visit those far-flung friends across the country as we travel around.

Now look, we don’t need to do this to survive.  We want to do it, but it will definitely help us live below our means.  Monthly rates at RV parks are much less than our mortgage…much less!  Utilities are less, lots of times included in the monthly rate.  Not to mention if we follow the seasons it will rarely be too hot or too cold, saving on the heating and cooling bill.  Boondocking* or parking in front of a friend’s house is all but free.  It’s a simple, liberating and frugal way to live.

So, that’s our long-term plan, as best as we can prognosticate anyway.  The here and now is a different story.  We have teenagers and a big house.  How do we reduce our spending and raise those boys in that big house?  Well, we have a few ideas, but we need to see if we can’t take things up a notch.  Really, and God I hate this term, step outside the box.  But, I’ll save that for another post.

*By the way, read the inspiring quotes page on that boondocking link.  It is…well…inspiring!