I discovered something this weekend.  I’ve been retired for almost a year and I still find myself observing weekends.  Since I have kids at home, that is partly to blame.  They have weekends and life is a little different on those days.  Namely, they are here and not at school.  Beyond that, I still find myself in that old familiar 5 days on, 2 days off pattern.

The wind is blowing and its cold out.  Well, relatively cold.  It’s funny, in January 40 degrees feels warm.  In May 50 degrees is cold, but that’s another post.  Since the weather is not cooperating, I was wondering what I would do today.  I considered working on my book, but my mind dismissed the idea.  It’s a weekend.

What?  Why would that matter?  I’m retired and can do what I want, when I want.  I can work whenever I want, including weekends.  I can sleep in on Tuesday and go fishing on Thursday.  And I do take advantage of that freedom in many ways, but in others I don’t.  Writing is done during business hours Monday through Friday.  Note: I only call writing work to contrast it with everything else.  If I considered it real work, I wouldn’t be doing it!

So today I spent a couple of hours editing my book.  In fact I completed the first run through and I’m ready to embark on the first real re-write.  Why haven’t I done this before?  I mean I go fishing on weekdays and will do stuff with my boys this summer on weekdays, why not “work” on weekends?

I suppose it’s just a habit, and not a work-life habit.  It’s a life habit.  The world is built around the workweek.  From being taken to daycare as an infant, to school as a child, to work as an adult for most people, its Monday through Friday.

I don’t really have a solution.  I guess a few years of being retired will cure me of this habit to some extent, but God forbid I forget and go to Wal-Mart on a Saturday!!!  Life will still be built around weekends, even in retirement, but in a different way I suppose.  For me, I’d rather “work” than go out into the shopping mall jungles on Sunday afternoon and save some of those precious weekdays for fun!