I retired 10 months ago and even though Jen, my wife, and I had reduced spending to make it so I didn’t need to work, we were a little fast a loose with our money.  Old habits die hard.  Then Jen’s dad became ill and died and we spent a lot of money traveling to Oregon dealing his illness and death.  We know we can’t keep this pace up, but sometimes things are out of our control.

Now that most of that is taken care of and we are again in control of our finances, Jen and I have decided to rededicate ourselves to frugality.  Our goal is to go from our paycheck to paycheck past and start actually saving money.  While I have a pension with cost of living allowances that will allow us to live comfortably, especially once our kids are off on their own, it would be nice to start building our savings.

Why?  Well, maybe for extended travel, unexpected emergencies, or just a hedge against possible hyper-inflation.  Maybe just for a sense of security.  In any case, it can’t hurt to save and invest, especially while Jen is still working.

So why am I posting this?  Well, this is a blog about retirement and living below your means (LBYM), frugality and saving should be part of your retirement plan and your retirement lifestyle.  I want to take you along with us as we devise a plan and execute it.  You can learn from our mistakes and miscues.  You can employ our strategies and develop your own plan.

Over the coming months we will identify our goals, devise a plan to meet those goals and then execute that plan, adjusting as necessary along the way.  I obviously won’t be revealing specific personal information, but I will be as candid as possible.  I hope to show that no matter how much money you have, you can save and invest and still have fun and enjoy the stuff that’s really important to you.

You will find these post in a category entitled “Living Below Your Means”.  It’s never too late to reinvent your life.  Whether you are working and feel retirement is out of reach or already retired and don’t feel it’s sustainable or are just barely getting by, there is an alternative.  I invite you come along for the ride as I attempt to put my money where my mouth is.