What the hell is possum living?  I’d never heard of it until the other day when someone posted a link to part one a documentary in a post on early-retirement.org.  Then I found out Possum Living was a book before it was a documentary, written by a young girl named Dolly Freed who lived with her father in suburban Pennsylvania.  Her dad didn’t have a job.  They just lived off the land.  They grew, caught or raised what they ate, worked odd jobs for the little money they needed and generally enjoyed a middle class life with little money.

She didn’t continue that lifestyle completely.  She put herself through college and worked at NASA.  Anyway, her story can be an inspiration to those of us that don’t think we can retire on our pensions or 401k’s.  Living a full, comfortable life with almost no money is entirely possible.  It comes down to your priorities.  Anyway, enjoy!

By the way, you can get the reprinted book at most bookstores and even for your e-reader.