As Thanksgiving approaches the length of the days and the outside air temperatures are conspiring to make my house a meat locker.  I have always disliked the cold that comes along with winter, but until I retired I never experienced the full effect.  Now I know why my wife closes the door to our small office.  It’s so the laptop can heat the room.

I hate the cold hands and feet.  I hate having to get up in the middle of the night to pee and coming back to my cold bed, shivering.  Thanks to some bureaucrat electric blankets only get warm, not hot.  I want to go for rides in my truck, just to use the heater.  I could turn up the heat in the house, but then I pay. A lot!

Determined to turn this into some kind of retirement post, all I can say is plan your retirement lifestyle well.  Jen and I began discovering several years ago that our middle aged bodies don’t take well to the cold.  We want to avoid it at all costs.  It’s funny, we both agree that living in Las Vegas has it’s down side until December.  Then our thinking turns all around.

Whether its a new city or state, a new lifestyle like full-time RVing, or just buying a new house consider the environment.  Do you hate cold?  Minnesota probably isn’t a good option, even if you are a Vikings fan.  Hate the heat?  Most of the southwest is out.  Hate humidity (I hate that too)?  The southeast should probably not appear on your short list.

No place is perfect, but a place that features something you can’t stand will likely cause you to rue your decision.  Our solution?  We plan to full-time in an RV and avoid the extremes in climate.  Hopefully, we will find that perfect place to relocate permanently, but if not we will be planning some long winter vacations to warmer climes.