This will be the last monthly update.  After a while I suspect they will get a little monotonous.  As the title says I am settling in.  Future updates on my retirement will come when something worthwhile happens.  Of course, other articles will appear about planning and being retired.  So on to the update.

Three of my passions. Cigars, beer and fishing.

My kids are back in school and I am in a routine that will last until next summer.  I get up around 7:30 every morning, regardless of my bedtime.  If I feel tired and go to bed at 9:30, I sleep until 7:30.  If I am in the middle of something and stay up till after midnight, I get up around, you guessed it, 7:30.  This is mainly because that is when my kids leave for school.  All their preparations wake me up.  But who really cares?  I’m retired and if I get less than 8 hours of sleep, I can make up for it the next night.

I haven’t settled into a routine other than exercising.  I do strength training a couple days a week and walk 5-7 days a week.  Other than that its pretty much up to my whims.  That is something I think I want to change.  Some days I just feel aimless, which is fine, but I don’t want just hanging around the house to become a lifestyle.  I have some things I wanted to do when i retired and I need to set aside time to do them.  The weather will help.  Just been too hot to golf and even go fishing sometimes.  When the weather gets really dreary in a few months, I will feel more like sitting around and practicing guitar or tying flies.

One thing I am learning is just how stressed out I was at work.  The last few years had me in a bad situation.  Lot’s of upheaval, changes and challenges.  I was getting up, driving the hour to work, doing my job, driving home and then…well, nothing.  My weekends were usually full of nothing also.  Just needed to decompress in the evenings and over the weekend to make it through through the weekdays.  I just didn’t have the energy to engage in my life.

Now, I attend school functions, do stuff during the day, spend time with friends, etc.  I feel like I am rediscovering my life.  I used to make plans and as the day approached I wanted to cancel.  I just didn’t have it in me to follow through.  Doing things and going places seemed like a chore.  Not anymore.  I make plans and as they get close I get excited.  I have energy again.  I want to take the time to keep up my relationships with friends.  I am beginning to see the toll my job was taking.

Now that the kids are back in school, the wife and I try and take one day a week and go do something.  the first week we went bowling.  It had been years for both of us.  We were easily the youngest people in there.  We really had fun.  Last week we needed to run errands and that happened to coincide with the end of Jen’s diet, so we went out to Red’s Old 395 Grill in Carson City for brisket.  Unfortunately, I was just beginning my diet.  Still the buffalo chicken salad was good.  We have all kinds of ideas for our little getaways.  Hiking, scenic drives, museums, going out for breakfast, movies and more.

Generally, I am really enjoying myself.  The responsibilities of parenthood keep us from pursuing our real retirement dreams, but my retirement allows me to spend a lot more time with our boys.  I enjoy the time with them now, but I know I will cherish it more when they are on their own.  We are trying to infuse our days with a little leisure and a little adventure.  I am actually beginning to think about going back to work part-time.  I don’t need the money, but it would be nice to make a little extra cash for traveling and my jeep project.  Nothing to stressful or demanding, just a good retirement job.  On that subject, I did start a new blog called Project Jeep.  It will be detailing my jeep restoration.  Check it out.

I think that’s about it.  Life is good all around.  Retirement isn’t some dream world.  Life is still life, but it beats working!  There is still good and bad days, family strife, day to day worries, etc.,  but its a lot easier when you aren’t spending all your energy at a job.  I am firmly into the next phase of my life, the retirement phase.  I am getting used to it and am beginning to feel retired.  It is a process and it takes a while to shift gears, but its good to shed the old identity and discover a new one.  The adventure is really only beginning.