I’ve noticed something.  All through life you are forced to hang out with people you may or may not like.  Daycare, school, college, work, it doesn’t matter.  You have to spend part of your day with people not of your choosing.  Retirement is the really first time where a person can choose to hang out with the people they choose.

How did I come to this revelation? I have kids.  Even though I am retired, I have to attend school functions, sporting events, etc.  I like most of the people, but some…well lets just say I wouldn’t choose to spend time with them if given a choice.  Then it occurred to me that when our kids have moved out, we can spend time with whomever we want.  We don’t like someone, we can choose not to be around them.

As a kid you get no choice.  You spend time with the people your parents say you spend time with.  School is mandatory and if you hate the kid that sits behind you and keeps putting gum in your hair, tough!  Once you become an adult, you have some freedom, but quitting your job every time you come across some guy that bugs the crap out of you isn’t very realistic.

Even though I am retired, I still look forward to the day I can choose the people I hang out with and the social situations I end up in.  Just one more little perk of retirement.