So as not to cause extra work for myself, here is a post from the Early Retirement forums.  It was written about a week ago, but I was on a trip.  I am retired, you know!  I will shut up and let you read:

A couple of people asked me to give a little update on my ER when I posted that I had ER’d a month ago. I also like reading about other peoples experiences, so here goes.

It has been just over 4 weeks, one month exactly. Whew, what a month. I have been fishing every week so far. I don’t feel like I am getting enough fishing in, so I am going to start going twice a week. I am getting to spend a lot of time with my boys, Henry (14) and Owen (12). We have been fishing twice, golfing once, seen a couple of movies and spent a lot of time out in the Wal-Mart pool. We leave for a four day fishing trip on Aug 2nd.

I have also been practicing the guitar a lot, especially over the last couple weeks and have learned the solo to AC/DC’s Highway to Hell. A few little fill riffs and I will be able to play the whole song. Cool.

I have also been doing a lot of projects around the house. I sold a bunch of stuff in the seemingly never ending process of downsizing. I bought a new writing/fly tying desk. It is in my media room with a view of the not to distant Sweetwater Mountains. Here I will begin writing my planned book soon, cruise this forum (and many others), surf the net, tie some flies and lots of other things.

I am slowly taking over some of the household chores: cooking dinner, shopping, paying bills. My DW used to do all that and work part time while I worked and commuted 2 hours. Now she gets a break. When the kids go back to school, we will take advantage to go out for breakfast or lunch, go hiking or see a movie.

Finally, I still have that feeling this is all temporary like I am on vacation. It isn’t bad, but its there like work is always a few days off. Not enough to produce the dreads, but enough to catch my attention. I got rid of some of the other worries. I got my first pension check, withdrew my investments and paid off my cars, and tied up a few other loose ends. I no longer feel like this is all a dream and someone will call and tell me its all been a mistake. We have been busy (DW and kids at camp, DW’s has an unusually busy time with her job, etc.) this month with various things, so life would have been a little jumbled anyway, but my ER just adds another layer. I think once school starts and we are all on a schedule, things will settle down.

I love it and my DW is looking forward to the day she can join me. Thanks to everyone on here for you advice and support. If you are not FIRE, I recommend it.

I will attempt to find some time to write a real post soon.  Promise!

By the way, ER= Early Retirement, FIRE=Financially Independent Retire Early