Well, two weeks have gone by since I retired on June 30th.  It has been great, if relatively uneventful.
As alluded to prior it just doesn’t hit you all at once.  It comes in waves.  I still have a vague feeling that I have to go back to work.  Not tomorrow, though.  I think taking all the short weeks before I retired helped banish the dreads I used to get on Sunday nights.  No, it feels like vacation.  I don’t have to go back tomorrow, but sometime.  It is exasperated by the fact my family is up at camp as I write this.  I always get the feeling I have something to do or someplace to go for the first few days when they are gone.

So far I have been fishing twice and golfing once.  One fishing trip was with my boys, Henry and Owen, as was the golf.  We also took them to Reno to go see a movie and get lunch.  All of that was on weekdays.  Weekdays are great for doing stuff like that and now I can do it all the time.  We have also been watching a lot of movies at home, swimming in our Wal-Mart pool, and just hanging out.  I am planning a trip for the boys and I to go fishing in August, another for myself in September and a trip to Myrtle Beach for Jen and I in October.  In short, I am loving retirement.

Still, with camp, fishing trips, kids going back to school soon, etc., it’s been tough to settle into a pattern.  That’s probably good for me for a while, since I was in a rut prior to retirement, but patterns are nice and comfortable.  I think when the boys go back to school, I will be better able to settle down and form some good habits like working out every day, practicing my guitar, etc. as well as sleeping habits and waking habits.  Not to say I want to be totally rigid, but most days should follow a loose and flexible schedule.  Flexibility is one thing, but chaos is another.

So to sum up, life is good.   Retirement hasn’t hit me completely yet, but it will soon enough I am sure.  I am getting to spend some time with my kids and when they go back to school, more time with Jen.  I am more relaxed and less stressed out.  I have a lot of ideas for stuff to do and I will begin tackling those things over the coming months.  And of course, I will continue blogging.

That is all!