Yesterday, June 30, 2010, was my last day at work.  I am not technically retired until July 4th, but I had to take a furlough day for the month of July and took another day of leave so I wouldn’t have to work in July.  I gotta tell you, its still surreal.  I know I never have to go back there, but I don’t really feel that way yet.  I also have this irrational feeling that someone is going to tell me it’s all a big mistake.  Overall, I feel pretty good.  Relaxed, happy and a little hungover.   We went to a bar after work and I had a few beers and shots of scotch.  It was fun though.

Now, I am taking six months to see what I want to do.  Since I have kids in school for the next six years, taking a part-time job seems like a good way to pass some time and make some extra money for traveling and projects.  My wife works part-time from home also, so it might make sense to do a little work also.  Or it may not and focus on projects of my own, some of which may bring in some money.  Either way, I won’t have to work as I have the bills covered and some extra left over.

So while I don’t have to work, we are not really free yet to do everything we would like (RVing, extended travel, etc.) due to the kids and her job.  Still, I have plenty to do.  Lots of household projects, rebuild my Jeep, fishing, golf, begin writing a book, etc.  I am excited to start the next phase of my life.