I have less than ten work days left at my job.  Still it seems surreal.  I feel like I can’t actually be here, like it’s all a dream.  I have settled into a kind of peaceful, serene state, patiently waiting for what will get here in it’s own good time.  The anticipation, however is still there.  I don’t know if I will go around hugging complete strangers or just quietly slip into retirement on July 3rd.

I do know that retiring is a lot of paperwork and it seems that I have to fill it all out twice.  If it wasn’t because I screwed it up, its because someone else did.  It’s not like doing you taxes bad, but it has it’s share.  Feels great to do it though, kind of makes everything final.  I know I was nervous signing my resignation papers.  They sat on my desk for a week!  I double checked with a friend at the retirement office just to be sure.

I am going to do a little clothes shopping Friday.  All shorts and t-shirts.  I may not wear long pants until the winter!  Well, maybe fishing waders.  Anyway, the worst is behind me and I am looking forward to the freedom.  That’s what its all about.  Freedom to do what I want, on my schedule.