Yes, just one more month.  It has been a grind.  I am giving up my projects to my successors, but that bring another level of work bringing them up to speed.  It does make the days go by faster, however, and should make me appreciate retirement all the more.

I can’t go more than a few hours without speaking about my retirement.  Everyone is justifiably curious about my plans and just plain envious.  I should have kept it a secret though, as it makes it hard to forget about leaving and focus on the work at hand.  Still, it is fun to chat about what I am going to do.  I even changed my e-mail signature from Project Manager to Trout Bum!

I still go through bouts of anxiousness.  Like a kid before Christmas, I suppose.  Sometimes I worry that the anxiety will not go away once I retire, but I have seen too many people leave and I know it does go away.  Worry seems to beget more worry.

I am really looking forward to doing some things.  I am planning a fishing trip to Northern California.  I want to begin work on a book, spend more time playing the guitar, exercise more, sleep in, the list goes on.  I am so warn out from my long work days and the stress and anxiety, I barely have the energy to do anything right now.

Really, it should go quick.  I have 5 work weeks, but none are full weeks.  Between furloughs, sick leave and some comp time, I only have 18 working days left.  It will go quick, at least that is my mantra.  I hope it will.  Anyway, I hope to check in again before the end, but no promises.  If not, see you on the other side, so to speak.