Welcome to blog number 3, Being Retired!  I have two other blogs, Naked Liberty, a conservative blog currently on hiatus as a struggle to find a unique voice, and Fly Fish Nevada, a rather popular blog about fly fishing Nevada and the Eastern Sierra.  This is my third effort, and like the other two it is written as much for me as it is for the general public, you.  As the name implies this is about retirement.  Not how to prepare or save for retirement but how to BE retired, which is probably one of the biggest single factors in how you prepare.

So, you may be thinking, what makes me an authority on such things?   Not much as it turns out.  I am not even retired…yet. I will be as of July 4th, 2010.  Yes, Independence Day. Not planned, just how it worked out. Heck I won’t even be retired for real, only semi-retired.  Wait, before you surf away to YouTube to watch Boobies and Kittens again, give me a chance.  This is more a of a philosophical blog than an “Insert Tab A into Tab B” type of blog.  I can promise you I have thought a lot about this and also learned a lot and learning to be retired should start long before you actually retire.

I am sure by now you are wondering about me, who I am, what’s my story…well, maybe not, but here it is any way.  I currently work for the State of Nevada and have for nearly 25 years.   They have a very generous pension plan, which I discovered early in my career and decided to stick it out.  Essentially, you get 75% of your salary after 30 years of service.  You can also buy 5 years, which I did for a ridiculously low price due to my age and salary at the time.  I started at age 18 and here I am almost 25 years later preparing to retire at age 43.  Some of you will be envious, others outraged.   I don’t make the rules, I just take advantage of them. I’d have been stupid not to!

I look forward to writing about my retirement, partly as therapy and partly with the hopes someone may learn something.  Thanks for reading.